Business Structure and Funding

Business Structure and Business Funding

We work with you to ensure that your business is set-up the right way. A properly structured business will result in credibility, liability protection, tax flexibility, easier access to capital, a separation of personal and business finances, asset protection and exude professionalism.


Banks and financial institutions tend to view LLCs as more credible and serious entities compared to sole proprietorships or partnerships. This can enhance your business's reputation and make it easier to access financing.

LLC Protection

An LLC provides limited liability protection to its members, which means your personal assets are typically shielded from business debts and legal liabilities. This can protect your personal finances in case of business-related issues.

Tax Flexibility

LLCs offer flexibility in how they are taxed. By default, they are pass-through entities, meaning profits and losses flow through to the owners' personal tax returns. However, you can also elect corporate taxation if it's more advantageous for your situation.

Easier Access to Capital

Banks often prefer lending to LLCs rather than unincorporated businesses. Having an LLC structure can make it easier to obtain business loans, lines of credit, and other forms of financing.

Separation of Business and Personal Finances

Maintaining a separate LLC structure helps you keep your business finances distinct from your personal finances. This separation is crucial for tracking expenses, managing taxes, and demonstrating financial responsibility to lenders.

Asset Protection

In some cases, an LLC can provide an additional layer of asset protection beyond limited liability. This depends on state laws and specific circumstances, but it can be a valuable benefit.

Exude Professionlism

Having an LLC in your business name often conveys professionalism and seriousness to clients, partners, and customers, which can positively impact your brand.

Flexibility of Ownership

LLCs allow for flexibility in ownership structure. You can have multiple members with varying levels of ownership and management roles, making it adaptable to different business arrangements.

Funding Requirements:

700+ credit score

No collections

No late payments

No bankruptcies

20% or less utilization

$2500 + limit

Have at least 2 primary credit cards (at least 1 year)

2-3 inquiries (call for more info)

Business Plan/Operating Agreement Assistance

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